Funding Cuts(2017)

was written, directed and edited by Rollöfall for Strictly Seattle Festival 2017.

Cinematography by Daniel Mimura. Created in collaboration with the SS17' Dance Film Course students Marci Eschenbach, Hannah Moujing, and Seth Sexton, instructed by K.T. Niehoff. 

Performers: Sofi Sanchez, Vivien Ho, and Peter Kohring.

Prosthetic by Dylan Tucker(DMT) and Rollöfall.

Ruby Dunphy + Rollöfall



Inspired by La Jetée,  the 1962 French science-fiction featurette by Chris Marker, Drowning is a short film constructed out of still photographs and 3 disparate soundtracks. Solo percussionist Ruby Dunphy collaborates with Rollöfall through scoring projects including Stay For Tea and Funding Cuts.




Dylan Tucker + Rollöfall


         is a mixed media artist that created this 3-faced schizophrenic prosthetic head. Before giving it a funeral, Rollofall and DMT spent a Tuesday evening commemorating its civilian life.  

The two artists recently collaborated on the prosthetic in Funding Cuts 

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A Crowdsourced Guide to Generation Y 


Director Ashleigh Claire Miller and her collaborators utilize dance, visual arts, music, and multi-media experimentation to explore the effects of technological advancement on the human condition. This project involves 12 performers, 3 musicians, 2 film makers, 1 computer technician, 1 photographer, and many other volunteers. 

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