Stay For Tea (2017) is Rollöfall's cumulative BFA project regarding the germination period after the artist's exodus from her Slavic christian community. Stay For Tea 2017 sketched through film, installation and book. Rollöfall utilized the deconstructed conventions of the documentary genre— “story” and “evidence”— to help articulate the experience into a pragmatic outline. How do you show the inciting incident of an intergenerational trauma? How can one perspective make a statement that would prove the shameful wrong actions that get swept under the rug? There is no resource or documentation capable of this power, and yet — the fading images, the carefully penned sermon notes of a child, the memories that make knees jerk away — are evidence that bodies hold and are visible to anyone. They won’t hold up in court or make their way to a podium; but they do take over dreams, come out in between words, and resonate when presented.


A-ROLL (“STORY”): In 2017, Rollöfall invited several people over for tea — friends and family, many of whom she hadn’t seen in the formative years of distance. Most declined under the circumstances. The accepted guests agreed to be anonymously videotaped or audio recorded as they reconnected. Each dear friend offered distinct insight about this passage of time and revealed their own observations of their shared experience from the past. These recording were projected onto seats in a temporary installation, set up as a living room, arranged as a seance of these intimate tea dates.


B-ROLL (“EVIDENCE”) During the course of immersing the self into the painful recollection of sweet memories and harrowing experiences, Rollöfall articulated her ongoing recovery through the language of the arts— action painting, re-contextualized archival video, chemical processing of photographs, reconstruction of memories through task-based performances, and artifacts.


"I spent much of those years under water. I’ve washed so many floors on my bent wrists and knees. I’ve layered thousands of coats of paint until each fabric became stiff as a floor. From solid to liquid, from solid to liquid, from solid to liquid until I was further away. This pain is a spiral, not a line. Each layer — a rotation around this mass I’ve collected."


In April -May 2017, Rollöfall created an immersive installation in an evocative domestic space/black box theater where she exhibited this collection through multi-channel projections and objects.

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